Healing the Heart, Healing the Earth

What is actually the reason why the world is filled with so much pollution?


The root cause is the pollution within the human heart. When our heart is polluted, then our words, our actions and the decisions we make manifest as the pollution we see in our environment.


What’s in us always ends up getting expressed through what we do and say. Therefore we have to address our inner ecology. We have to educate people:

how to live in harmony with ourselves,

how to live in harmony with each other,

how to live in harmony with God,

and how to live in harmony with nature. 

Today’s world has reached a point of incredible scientific development, but with all our incredible technology and the unbelievable development of Industry and advanced methods of communication, if we don’t use these things with the right attitude or the right motives, we have the power to cause serious destruction.


The true purpose of religion, of spirituality or real yoga is very simple. It’s not a sectarian idea. It’s meant to clean the pollution in our hearts and transform our arrogance into humility and our greed into love and compassion.


Toxic greed is something that can never be satisfied. Being a millionaire or a billionaire cannot satisfy the heart. That’s the way greed is. It’s like a fire, where the more you feed it, the harder it burns. Therefore we need to learn how to transform selfishness into a desire to selflessly, how to transform hate into love, envy into rejoicing over somebody’s else’s good fortune.


In this way we can actually connect to a grace and energy that is within all of us as well as everything around us and that brings out the inherent love that is within us. So as spiritualists, our responsibility is to do our part to help clean up the internal state of human consciousness. Because even if you clean every river, every ocean, every air particle and every piece of land on the Earth, as long as that selfish egoistic greed is there then we’re just going to pollute it all over again.