The Pursuit of Inner Happiness

The origin of all happiness lies within us and is experienced and expressed through love. There is a difference, however, between material love and spiritual love. 

Material love is when the soul is covered by Maya or illusion and thus seeks to find fulfillment by satisfying the urges of the body and the mind. But the happiness of the soul, known as Brahma sukhyam, extends far beyond the material body and mind and connects to our deepest yearnings. 

This happiness of the soul is so deep that just to taste even an infinitesimal particle of it, yogis and spiritual aspirants throughout history and even today are willing to give up their wealth, their fame, and all other sense pleasures to seek out that Brahma sukhyam, that spiritual enjoyment. Some brahmacari monks give up everything to sleep on the floor or a simple bed in order to live a simple life materially because they want to taste that inner sense of enjoyment spiritually.


There are countless examples of people who have renounced things that are often considered most difficult to give up, simply because they’re seeking this Brahman enjoyment. Bharat Maharaj is one such example in Vedic history who was the Emperor of his time. He was such a powerful and respected Emperor that the entire land of India has been named after him as Bharat varsha. He was loved by all the citizens, had a wonderful family, and held unsurpassable wealth, fame, and strength. Yet when he was at the prime of his youth he gave it all up to live alone in the wilderness, seeking this Brahma sukhyam, his inner spiritual enjoyment.


The exalted Buddha is known as a prince who had the most luxurious palace, was surrounded by beautiful people, and was in the prime of his youth as a healthy and strong young man. He had everything beyond what a person could even aspire for. Yet he left it all to perform server tapasya, austerity, for years just to seek this Brahman enjoyment.


So considering that such people will give up so much material pleasure to taste a drop of spiritual happiness, we gain insight into what’s truly valuable and where to direct our ambitions and aspirations in order to find the love and happiness we’re seeking.