Unity in Diversity

In my journey through various religious traditions, I encountered individuals deeply committed to their practices. I found beautiful, inclusive-minded people who really were striving to live with compassion. I also […]

The Path to Inner Fulfilment

There is a saying: ‘If you lose your wealth, you lose nothing. If you lose your health, you lose something. But if you lose your values and your character, you […]

The Secret of Giving & Receiving Love

In reflecting on my own journey, I often recall a moment from my childhood involving my mother and father. It was a revelation that shaped my understanding of love and […]

The Power of Choices

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “I am who I am today, because of the choices I made yesterday.” You may choose to get on an airplane to London, but once the […]

Why Relationships Fail

My friend who is a marriage counsellor shared with me a story which gives us insight into this subject. A couple came to her in tears. They had been arguing […]

The Power of Habits

We all know that diabetes can cause death. And that cigarettes can reduce our life expectancy. But what most of us do not know, is that loneliness can have a […]