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  1. The Real Spirit of Janmashtami

    Janmashtami is the festival commemorating the appearance of Krishna in this world. He is believed to have appeared 5,000 years ago in a prison cell in Mathura. Janmashtami represents the appearance of hope in the dark night of hopelessness, of virtue in the fortress of vices, through the appearance of the Absolute Truth, Krishna. The sun rises in the East each day. Not that it is born that time, but it comes to our relative vision and with each setting, it no longer appears to our vision. My spiritual master,...
  2. What Matters is Our Consciousness

    The famous writer Paulo Coelho once said, “There is always a gap between our intention and action.” This holds true in our lives. How we present things or in what ways we present is definitely important and critical, but if we deeply analyze the matter, it’s the intention or consciousness behind it that matters. In Vedic scriptures the nature of the God is defined as bhava-grahi, i.e. he is interested in the consciousness that we have invested in the service rather than the externals of exactly how it is done....
  3. God is Revealed Through Devotion

    Spiritual practice involves distinguishing between that which is temporary and that which is eternal. Through the sacred texts, such as the Bhagavad-gita, we can understand what this material energy is. It is God’s energy. The energy itself is eternal, but its manifestations are temporary. These manifestations are always in the state of transformation. They change by the will of God under the influence of three modes of material nature—Goodness, Passion, and Ignorance, and by the power of the element of time. Thus, everything in this universe is constantly changing. Everything...

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