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  1. Radhanath Swami Speaks at Kirtan London

    On 18th March 2017, Radhanath Swami spoke to the metropolitan crowd of 140 people at the breath-taking Kirtan London day retreat at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Started five years ago by a small team and launched with Russell Brand and Radhanath Swami himself, Kirtan London has grown into an attractive movement to spread mantra, music and meditation. Jahnavi Harrison, one of the founders of the project, said “the aim of the initiative is to take kirtan to everyone! We want to take kirtan to people who typically wouldn’t come across it.” Since...
  2. From Illusion to Reality

    The difference between material and spiritual life is our perception. How we see the reality around us. According to our conditionings, the species of life we are in, the various designations we have identified with, our desires and our ego, everything is being filtered and creates a perception. A simple analogy. If you wear rose colored glasses everything looks rosy. So we, the soul, are perceiving life through the ego, then the intelligence, then the mind and the five senses. So what is real? Spiritual life is not about interpreting...
  3. What is the Purpose of Temples?

    Question: What is the purpose of temples? Radhanath Swami: A temple is a place where people are in a selfless spirit of compassion and love, and are truly worshipping God and surrendering their hearts to him. A temple is a place that transforms your life, by illuminating you and bringing you to higher states of consciousness and higher states of living. Temples are not just places where you give donations, see the deities and say a prayer. It’s pious to go to a temple and give a donation and walk...

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