Radhanath Swami has been invited to speak and share timeless wisdom at some of the World’s largest academic institutions and corporations, helping millions of people find meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

Radhanath Swami’s Speaking Reel

“I found my eyes were constantly filled with tears as I heard and experienced the purity and finest examples of saints in my life. It was a lifetime moment.”


“I hosted Radhanath Swami at my institution and he is very popular amongst the SOAS students. Everyone, whether they have a spiritual affiliation or not, really admires his outreach and compassion. We try to support him in every way possible.”

–Professor Stephen Chan OBE, SOAS University

“I liked everything, especially the calmness it gave me, and the truth of Swami’s talk.”

“I appreciated the need to see the integrity deep within ourselves, and the Swami’s calling for the greater good.”

“It was amazing to get a chance to listen to someone with such great knowledge. It was an amazing lecture that made everyone think.”

–Apple HQ

“Radhanath Swami’s talk was very helpful as a step towards self-realization, and it also provided much-needed advice to handle day-to-day stress.”

He has a simple style of speaking, but he conveys deep truths. Please bring more such talks to Oracle.”


“I was very honored to meet the Swami. He is a very inspirational speaker and I am amazed at how he lives his life. It really takes perseverance and dedication, not to mention the courage it takes to go aginst society’s ‘normal’ lifestyle. I was so glad that I met him.”


He brought a perspective to development work that is rarely, if ever, discussed. I was very impressed—he spoke about essential values and principles that are much needed in the world today!

–Cambridge University

I am so pleased that His Holiness came to speak on this subject and wish now to reflect on how spirituality can play a part in the big society.”

–House of Commons, UK Parliament

“He was able to find common cause with both sides, almost like transcending the debate. This made it very spiritual, because with these debates things can usually get very heated and technical—but Radhanath Swami really added something special.”

–Oxford Union

“We were delightfully surprised by just how deeply and organically Dr. West and Radhanath Swami connected as people. The genuine respect and love they shared for one another—as spiritual brothers—was both a blessing and a profound lesson that real interfaith exchanges happen. They found common ground, appreciated and celebrated their differences, and they inspired us to go deeper into our own spiritual journey, and one’s own love for the Divine and all beings.”

–Princeton University

Radhanath Swami’s Keynote Topics Include:

Influence without Affluence

Mindful Leadership

Unity in Diversity

An inside

Earn with integrity,
spend with compassion

Resilience:  The art of
embracing Challenges