The Bhakti

experience self-transformation


The Bhakti Centre is a spiritual cultural center on New York City’s Lower East Side. It is a community devoted to sharing the experience of self-transformation through the timeless culture and practices of Bhakti. It teaches yoga, meditation, wisdom and culture to help navigate the pressures of modern city life.

A spiritual oasis

We live in an age which grants us extraordinary conveniences and torrents of information. Yet the very technology designed for our well-being often serves only to isolate us from one another and distance us from the experience of all that is truly divine.

The Bhakti Center is a spiritual oasis in the jungle of Manahattanthey host an amazing variety of events and classes. There is a beautiful Radha Krishna temple on the third floor. And of course, Divya’s Kitchen, New York #1 rated vegetarian restaurant—the perfect place to nourish yourself with spiritually-charged food before and after events.

The Bhakti Center presents four avenues of growth, each drawing from the yoga tradition. You can explore each to create your own path:


to purify the body and the mind


to find yourself by elevating the mind to a higher frequency


to contemplate life from a spiritual perspective


to experience the transformative power of the arts & sciences


Social Initiatives

Initiatives to serve the local neighborhood and the city of New York:

  • Yoga of 12 Step Recovery
  • InSpirit
  • Sacred Ecology Forum
  • Soul Food


The Bhakti Center provides ways to connect:

  • Community Picnics
  • Community Groups
  • Krishna Kids Sanga


Community members are given opportunities to help find meaningful service engagement at the Bhakti Center.


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