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Govardhan Ecovillage (GEV), recognised by United Nations World Tourism Organisation, is a spiritual oasis in the heart of Maharashtra, based on the principles of “simple living and higher thinking”, that brings spirituality to life. It’s a community which hosts multiple yoga, self-improvement, health, academic and spiritual events throughout the year, within its tranquil and sustainable space.

The Ecovillage is equipped with large yoga studios, 94 eco stay rooms, swimming pool, Kerala Ayurveda Center, beautiful shelters for our cows and horses, and many more amenities ensuring a comfortable stay.


The Govardhan Ecovillage won the prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Award for Innovation in Non-Governmental Organizations at the 13th UNWTO Awards.



Yoga, Wellness & Wisdom


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Sustainable Development


Looking after our Animals


Rural Outreach


Spirituality In Action




Explore the wisdom of yoga, a 5,000-year-old Indian tradition. Yoga is the process of reversing the ordinary outward flow of energy by transforming your body, mind and soul, forever.

You can take part in the daily yoga lessons or courses, and if you are especially enthusiastic you can join the 28-day, 200-hour, Yoga-teacher training course and become a yoga teacher yourself!


Ayurveda or the Science of Life is an ancient holistic approach to healthcare that helps people live a long, healthy and well-balanced life.

The special Ayurvedic treatments are health treatments which follow the teachings of Ayurveda. Each treatment is individually planned as per the needs of the patients prescribed by expert Ayurvedic doctors. Every cure includes a specific Ayurvedic diet corresponding to the patient’s constitution type.

Rural Outreach

Goverdhan Ecovillage is honoured to be leading the way in creating sustainable solutions for synergised social, economic, ecological and cultural conditions in rural communities across 7 different areas:

Empowerment of farmers; Water Resource Development; Women’s Empowerment; Livelihood for the Landless; Rural Education; Skill Development and Enhancement; and Health Care.


1,100 families from 50 villages have been taught organic farming, which increased their annual income by 30-35%.

Over 50 landless families have been taught how to set up micro-enterprises to increase daily income by 50%.


Over 50 schools in the nearby villages have been taught science and maths as well as value-based community education. So far 8,700 students have benefitted from our education program.


30,000 free school lunches have been served every day to village students.

The mobile health clinic and ambulance has visited 25 villages to organize 1,800 health camps, treated 88,500 patients and performed 1,800 surgeries.

Empowering Women

The local village women are empowered and encouraged to go out and work so that they can also contribute financially. Women have been trained in skills and production of products which they can sell in order to make their income. So far 2,000 women across 50 village have benefitted from this scheme, and many of them have become the main earners of the household.

Water Resource Development

The water Resource development scheme is present to allow the local villagers to access water for irrigation of crops and also to have access to clean water for drinking. So far 850 tribal people have benefitted by the lift irrigation, 5,500 people by drinking water initiatives and 1,050 by customized irrigation.

Animal Welfare

Upholding the Vedic tenet of respecting all forms of life, GEV is working steadily towards setting up exemplary animal care facilities. 3 donkeys, 3 horses, 12 goats, 5 sheep, 4 dogs, 15 calves, 42 cows and 47 bulls happily reside at the GEV.

Sustainable Development


At least 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year.

91% of plastic waste in the world isn’t recycled. And since most plastics don’t biodegrade in any meaningful sense, all that plastic waste could exist for hundreds, or even thousands of years.

Govardhan Ecovillage is working towards eradicating plastic waste. The plastic waste at GEV is placed into a pyrolysis plant and the plastic waste is converted into useable oil! The long term vision is to eradicate plastic waste in the district of Phalghar by collecting plastic waste from the nearby village and placing it into the plant, converting all that plastic into useable oil.


Experts claim that just as we are experiencing scarcity of oil now, in the near future, there will be wars over water. Although 70 percent of the earth is covered in water, only 3 percent of this water is drinkable water; and of that 3%, most of it is inaccessible.

For this reason conservation and controlled use of water is imperative.

At GEV, a soil biotechnology plant helps conserve 120,000 litres water daily  by recycling sewage, avoiding ground pollution and river water pollution.

In addition, there is a Rain Water Harvesting pond which has a capacity of 10 million litres. This supplies water for irrigation during non-monsoon.


Instead of using a thermal plant which uses coal to generate electricity, GEV uses a biogas plant and a solar power plant, reducing the dependence on electricity and the pollution to the atmosphere.

Tree Planting

Planting of trees has been claimed by experts as the easiest and most effective way to reduce climate change. Trees produce oxygen and absorb the CO2 that is present in the air.

Govardhan Ecovillage started an initiative which allowed tree plantation & Organic farming, in which 131,000 trees were planted over 1,100 acres across 50 tribal villages in the district of Palhgar.

Conscious Construction

A large part of the construction and accommodation at GEV has been built using mud blocks as opposed to bricks which saves the amount of embodied energy used.

GEV installed/repaired over 48 new borewells, 125 small wells, 8 lift schemes, 25 farm ponds, 13 check dams etc. for drinking and irrigation in over 30 villages reducing impact of climate change.

Spirituality In Action

The Govardhan Ecovillage is centred around a beautiful marble temple and a monastery which is home to a 100 resident monks. Daily there are meditations, wisdom talks and guided tours of the landscape. The ethos of the Ecovillage is based on the principles of selfless service, compassion and simple living, higher thinking. At the Ecovillage, you can take part in various seminars and retreats which are based on the foundation of these principles.

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