offering complete health care


Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute is a non-profit, multi-speciality, hospital providing holistic healthcare and at the cutting-edge of medical research. The hospital is responsible for various community initiatives for the welfare of rural and tribal populations.

What makes Bhaktivedanta Hospital unique is that modern medical technology and healthcare is offered with a unique integrated approach to Ayurveda, homeopathy and other complementary medical therapies. Trained personnel from the dedicated spiritual care department offer counselling, prayers and meditation for the patients and relatives to help them face the trials of disease.


Bhaktivedanta Hospital firmly believes that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Serving humanity by providing affordable & quality health care by offering free & concessional medical treatment to the needy sections of the society.


“With love and devotion we will offer everyone a modern, scientific, holistic health-care service based on the true awareness and understanding of the needs of the body, mind and the soul.”

Radhanath Swami


Serving in devotion with a sense of responsibility & contributing towards sustainable community health care development in the society.


Health Camps

FREE annual Health camps to screen:

  • 12,000+ children
  • 50,000+ persons in 200 rural areas – going on to treat 1 in 5 of them
  • 10,000+ senior citizens
  • Medicines, surgery, food and travel expenses are provided for patients.

Palliative Care

  • Nearly 200 patients annually
  • Free care for those who are either medically, physically, emotionally, economically or spiritually shattered, irrespective of faith or religious beliefs
  • Offered emotional and psychological support, plus bereavement care and consolation provided to family members.

Cancer Care

  • Approximately 10,000 people screened – 300 are operated on annually in rural areas.
  • Free and concessional treatment, which may include surgeries, is provided for the needy.
  • Cancer awareness through seminars.

Cardiac Care

  • Preventive and curative care provided.
  • Educative seminars are conducted.
  • Free or concessional treatments are provided for the needy.
  • Patients needing further care and attention are brought to the Hospital.
  • The newly inaugurated ‘Heart Centre’ is expected to perform around 1,000 angiographies & angioplasties a year.

Spiritual Care

  • Helping people discover hope, resilience and inner strength.
  • Spiritual counselling which heals the body, mind and the soul is provided.

Kidney Care

  • Chronic kidney disorder is an economic catastrophe, social calamity and a global public health problem.
  • Provide free and concessional dialysis treatment for the needy.
  • The Dialysis Unit treats approximately 8,400 patients annually for dialysis.

Medical Outreach

Bhaktivedanta Hospital has outreach camps to help serve and treat some of India’s most in need. Doctor’s, dentists, optometrists and volunteers set up screening and treatment centres in remote villages throughout India.

Barsana Medical Camp

Each year 1000’s of volunteers set up a dental and eye clinic in the remote village of Barasana.  For 3 days, patients are treated for 15 hours a day, for free and with an open door policy.

Cancer Care Screened

Cancer Care Operated

Dental Patients Treated

Govardhan Ecovillage Medical Camp

Bhaktivedanta Hospital conducts regular health camps for those in need throughout the district of Palghar and Thane.

Eye Checkups

Eye Surgeries


Cancer Surgeries

Pandharpur Medical Camp

Patients Screened

End of Life Care

Bhaktivedanta Hospice is located at Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh). It is a non profit, health care service which provides relief from pain, suffering and enhances the quality and comfort to life, for patients having terminal & incurable diseases.

Our Unique Service Propositions (USPs) are:

  1. Giving a helping hand in the final journey
  2. Serving in devotion & personalized care
  3. Holistic care services catering to the needs of the body, mind & the soul
  4. Spiritual care for all religious faiths & beliefs.
  5. An attitude of offering selfless service.