On the evening of 21st December 2013, Mr. Santish Gupta, hosted a ‘The Journey Home’ book club meeting at his home in Pune. The Gupta family owns the Crossword Book Store a very popular chain in India.

The yoga legend BKS Iyengar addressed the meeting through a letter he had written to the organizers. He was to be the chief guest, but was unable to grace the occasion due to a health concern, and so had invited Radhanath Swami to come and see him at his residence prior to the event. The two met and shared heart-felt appreciation of each other. Mr Iyengar gifted Radhanath Swami his latest book ‘Core of Yoga Sutras’.

Later, at the book club meeting, Mr. Iyengar’s full letter of appreciation was read out by Mr. Gupta.“Sri Sri Radhanath Swamiji whom I know very well since years, who has struggled with life and death to reach this level…. may the Swamiji’s journey guide the listeners to follow the path of salvation, may God bless the meeting with spiritual knowledge and experienced wisdom.”

Mr Rishikesh Mafatlal, a leading industrialist, joined the Gupta family in appreciating Radhanath Swami. “In our lives we come across a variety of people—our parents, relatives, children, family, friends. Several people move our hearts, a few really help us in the most difficult times. It is rare to find, if we were to nominate just one person who can be the most important person in one’s life. In my experience of almost  28 years with Radhanath Swami, I have come across several people, by the hundreds if not thousands, who would consider that Radhanath Swami is the most important person in their lives, and that includes my family—my wife, my children and myself. His speciality is that with his gentle character, along with sharp intellect and amazing humour, he really wins people’s hearts. His non-judgmental approach—as if he has understood our situation—is rare to find in this world.”

Radhanath Swami addressed the five hundred guests, speaking stories from ‘The Journey Home’.