1. Edward Mortimer

    “The Journey Home is an extraordinary story of how a Jewish boy from 1950s Chicago migrated through the counterculture of the early 70s in search of his inner self, and emerged as an outstanding Hindu thinker and spiritual leader. Worth reading no matter what your own starting-point or destination may be.” Edward Mortimer CMG, Edward Mortimer CMG is the former Director of Communications in the Executive Office of the United Nations Secretary-General. He is an author, journalist, and fellow of All Souls College Oxford.
  2. Lucy James

    “If a person does not have an ideal he’s ready to die for, he has nothing really meaningful to live for”. This statement encapsulates the spirit behind Richard Slavin’s journey home – a journey that was all part of a beautiful plan. In reading “The Journey Home – Autobiography of an American Swami”, one is struck by the kind of life that Richard Slavin (Radhanath Swami) led, or rather, was chosen to lead. The events that Radhanath Swami narrates are almost the stuff of fiction, and the reader sometimes forgets that it is...
  3. Pam Binder

    “Have you ever had the experience, that when you start reding a book, you get so involved in it that you actually want to slow down because you dont want it to end. Well, this is that book. The freshness of this voice really struck me.” – Pam Binder  Pam Binder is president of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association.
  4. Stephen Chan

    “I greatly enjoyed this book (The Journey Home). It shows how a man of great spiritual energy can start his adult life as a typical young rock ‘n roller and open his heart, mind and soul to great adventures and very great learning. The journey of Radhanath Swami is an inspiring and humanly touching one. Throughout this book the reader never loses the impression that he is ‘one of us’. Unlike other ‘holy men’, he is not posturing as one step removed. He is teaching us because he remembers how...
  5. Sri Pejawar Swami

    This book (The Journey Home) is the story of a young boy who is born in the land of richness and luxury, America. He gave up his motherland for the search of spiritual perfection, facing so many life threatening dangers, but he was determined to reach his destination. He eventually landed in India, the nest of sadhus, the land of yogis and the worshipable place of the Lord. There he met his spiritual master and dedicated his life at his lotus feet. This compilation aptly glorifies the culture of Bharata...