1. Kauai News—The SWAMIJI says

    It’s difficult to put this book down. Like a thriller, one unbelievable hair-raising adventure after another introduces us to Swami – formerly Richard Slavin, who at 19 leaves his home in a Chicago suburb initially headed for a summer in Europe that extends to seeking a life devoted to God. Over the course of two years, he finds his path to God and a guru in India, where he lives today. He practices Bhakti, a devotional yoga tradition that maintains that people who become aware of their spiritual identity share an imperative to reduce suffering in the world.

    That simplicity of life Radhanath Swami sought and still follows is awesome; even the term minimalist contains too much stuff to describe his way of being in the world. Forsaking all for God, Swami travels lightly and has few needs. Someone gave him a computer to write the book, but he didn’t even know how to type.

  2. Namarupa Magazine, Eddie Stern

    Eddie Stern:

    The story is fascinating on many levels. Everyone here tonight is basically a spiritual seeker of some sort. And so you have all heard the familiar saying “when a student is ready the teacher will appear.” But what happens when a student is so ready that every person who appears in front of him is a teacher? And not just in the way of mundane teaching but really every meeting with every person that comes your way transmits to you a deep spiritual teaching. And further, what in the case of a student is so full of yearning and so ready—that great teachers are pulled into his pathway like a magnet.

  3. Fox News Interview

    Radhanath Swami is interviewed on Seattle’s Q13 Fox News “This Morning” show. August 13th, 2010
  4. America Magazine, Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

    In particular, Radhanath's account invites us baby-boomers—readers of this blog included—to look a little deeper into how we found, lost, kept, gave away, were given (back) the faith—how we managed to find the 1960s a time of grace and wonder. For this invitation, we can all be grateful to Swami Radhanath. But judge for yourself; take a look at the book, see what you think.