1. Stephen Chan

    “I greatly enjoyed this book (The Journey Home). It shows how a man of great spiritual energy can start his adult life as a typical young rock ‘n roller and open his heart, mind and soul to great adventures and very great learning. The journey of Radhanath Swami is an inspiring and humanly touching one. Throughout this book the reader never loses the impression that he is ‘one of us’. Unlike other ‘holy men’, he is not posturing as one step removed. He is teaching us because he remembers how...
  2. Sri Pejawar Swami

    This book (The Journey Home) is the story of a young boy who is born in the land of richness and luxury, America. He gave up his motherland for the search of spiritual perfection, facing so many life threatening dangers, but he was determined to reach his destination. He eventually landed in India, the nest of sadhus, the land of yogis and the worshipable place of the Lord. There he met his spiritual master and dedicated his life at his lotus feet. This compilation aptly glorifies the culture of Bharata...
  3. Shyamdas

    Shri Radhanath Maharaja’s “The Journey Home” is like reading a modern day rendering of stories that we find in exalted spiritual texts like the Shrimad Bhagavatam. Truly, an opportunity to imbibe the accounts of God’s lovers is the fruit of our spiritual endeavors! – Shyamdas Shyamdas is a devotional practitioner, translator, author and musician. He has written and translated more than 20 books on Bhakti Yoga and the Path of Grace and specializes in classical temple singing and the mystic poets of North India.
  4. Narendra Modi Releases The Journey Home in Gujarati

    On November 30, publishers launched the long-awaited Gujarati version of Radhanath Swami’s autobiography ‘The Journey Home’ at a special inauguration function held in Ahmedabad, the largest city and cultural and financial capital of the bustling Indian State of Gujarat.  The book’s Gujarati version, entitled  ‘Pele Par No Pravas’ (The Journey Home), was translated by Girish Rathod. Several leading figures were present for the book launch, including Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who delivered the keynote address. In his twenty minute speech, delivered in Hindi, Mr. Modi spoke on India’s rich spiritual...
  5. Krishna Das

    “This wonderful book shows how purity of heart can overcome all obstacles on the Spiritual Path. It sings to us of holding on to our dream of Real Love until it becomes Reality. Come take this journey with Radhanath Swami!” – Krishna Das – kirtan singer