1. Walking to Danushkoti

    Radhanath Swami leads a group of three-thousand devotees during the 2005 pilgrimage to South India. It is a 5 kilometer walk along the beach to Danushkoti, spoken of in the Ramayana as the place where Lord Rama built a bridge to Lanaka.
  2. Speaking in the Courtyard – Sri Rangam

    Radhanath Swami speaks about the glories of the devotees of Lord Vishnu, in the courtyard of the Ranganath Temple at Srirangam, during a pilgrimage of South India.
  3. South India Yatra 2010

    Yatra is Sanskrit for “journey” or “pilgrimage.” It is one of the great traditions of the Vedas, and, for the contemplative seeker and traveler, it is a spiritual odyssey through the living temples, traditions, and devotions of the world’s most ancient and timeless culture.