1. Real Education Leads To A Strong Foundation

    5 January 2011, Mumbai: Radhanath Swami met 50 MBA students from the Harvard Business School. The Harvard graduate students, from 15 countries, eagerly assembled to hear Radhanath Swami share the universal wisdom of east meets west and how it can be applied to the pressures of a modern lifestyle. They sat in rapt attention through the lecture and later asked honest and pointed questions.
  2. AIDS Awareness Talk with Chetan Bhagat

      On December 14th, 2010, author Chetan Bhagat joined Radhanath Swami at an AIDS Awareness event organized by the Bhaktivedanta Hospital Youth Foundation in Mumbai, India. Scores of college students listened as Bhagat, whom Time Magazine considers one of the “World’s 100 Most Influential People”, described how important it is to cultivate spirituality in youth.
  3. Columbia University

    On Tuesday November 9, Radhanath Swami visited Columbia University to speak to the students. He told his gripping, inspirational tale of how as a teenager – a young product of the counterculture, desperately seeking the answers to life’s profound questions – he began his journey eastward on a spiritual quest to find the truth.