1. Diwali at Broome Street Temple – NYC

    View Slideshow On November 4, Diwali, the Festival of Lights, was celebrated at the Broome Street Temple, a popular spot in lower Manhattan for kirtan, puja and the study of sacred teachings. The experience of stepping off the New York streets and up a flight of stairs into the temple felt like being transported into an authentic South Indian holy place. Within this Soho loft reside separate shrines to Ganesh, Sri Sri Radha Damodara, and Mahadeva (Shiva). In the mornings, the same space serves as Ashtanga Yoga New York, one...
  2. Namarupa Magazine, Eddie Stern

    Eddie Stern:

    The story is fascinating on many levels. Everyone here tonight is basically a spiritual seeker of some sort. And so you have all heard the familiar saying “when a student is ready the teacher will appear.” But what happens when a student is so ready that every person who appears in front of him is a teacher? And not just in the way of mundane teaching but really every meeting with every person that comes your way transmits to you a deep spiritual teaching. And further, what in the case of a student is so full of yearning and so ready—that great teachers are pulled into his pathway like a magnet.