1. Meeting India’s President Patil

                                    On January 6th, 2010, in honor of his service to the Country of India, Radhanath Swami was invited to meet India’s President Pratibha Patil. The meeting took place at Rashtrapati Bhavan, The Official Residence of the Head of the State, at Raisina Hill, New Delhi. Below is an excerpt from an article written by Radhanath Swami about the meeting. It was previously publish on The Huffington Post. The article can be read in it’s entirety here. “As a...
  2. Speech at the House of Commons (Complete Lecture)

    On Tuesday, October 11, 2011, Radhanath Swami addressed Ministers and Members of England’s Parliament, along with an interfaith community. James Clappison MP (Member of Parliament), Richard Harrington MP, and Matthew Offord MP invited him to speak about the application of spirituality to the themes underlying the Government’s Big Society, an important current policy of the British Government.
  3. The Festival of Divine Dance

    On the evening of October 15th, a traditional festival of the autumn full moon, Sharad Purnima, was celebrated at the Radha Gopinath Temple in Mumbai with Radhanath Swami and over 5,000 guests. The Indian scriptures reveal that five thousand years ago in the sacred land of Vrindavan, on the night of Sharad Purnima, Lord Krishna performed a beautiful dance festival called rasa lila with his dearmost devotees, the gopis. Bhakti yogis traditionally congregate on this night to commemorate the event through the singing of beautiful devotional songs. This year at the Radha...
  4. Bhaktifest

    September 8th-11th, marked the third annual Bhaktifest, a four day music festival featuring non-stop kirtan concerts, along with yoga classes, meditation, vegetarian cuisine, and midnight fire ceremonies (pujas), all set in the tranquil beauty of the Mojave Desert in Joshua Tree, California. For the second year in a row Radhanath Swami attended Bhaktifest taking part in many of it’s featured events including the opening puja ceremony, several lectures and many of the kirtans. Radhanath Swami also sat on a panel for a discussion on the subject of bhakti, along with...
  5. Meeting with President Obama

    On June 13, 2011, Radhanath Swami was invited to meet with the President of the United States at an event in Miami, Florida. He was grateful to accept the invitation on behalf of his beloved Guru, Srila Prabhupada, and he dedicated the meeting to his dear godbrother Bhakti Tirtha Swami. President Barack Obama and Radhanath Swami shared a heartfelt talk for several minutes.      
  6. East Meets West at Princeton University

    East Meets West at Princeton University Brings Together Radhanath Swami and Dr. Cornel West. Two men having a conversation – On one seat sits Dr. Cornel West, a distinguished African American gentleman in an elegant black suit and tie, sporting a dramatic Afro hairstyle and a black goatee shot through with gray. One of the most well-loved and respected professors at Princeton University, he’s a Baptist and is outspoken about his faith, especially his love of Jesus as the force that defines him and guides him in everything he does.
  7. Spiritual Unity Amidst Religious Diversity

    February 10, 2011, Mumbai: At times when the world is traumatized by religious conflicts and tensions, it was heart-rendering to see Radhanath Swami take the initiative to meet eminent religious leaders and work towards spreading the message of love and peace. Radhanath Swami participated in an interfaith conference on ‘Decline of morality in public life: Role of religion in restoring it” organized by by K.J. Somaiya College. The Somaiya trust is one of the largest educational trusts in India with 34 institutes and 27,000 students. The dialogue brought together members from...
  8. South India Yatra 2010

    Yatra is Sanskrit for “journey” or “pilgrimage.” It is one of the great traditions of the Vedas, and, for the contemplative seeker and traveler, it is a spiritual odyssey through the living temples, traditions, and devotions of the world’s most ancient and timeless culture.
  9. Sacred Sounds at Rutgers University

    On November 11, 2010, the Bhakti Club of Rutgers University in New Jersey hosted their annual event, Sacred Sounds. Radhanath Swami, invited to speak at the event, told his story of hearing the Hare Krsna mantra for the first time while meditating on a rock in the Ganges. The Sacred Sounds event also included musical performances of kirtan (sacred spiritual music) from featured acts the Mayapuris as well as Gauravani and Kindred Spirits, in addition to a large vegetarian dinner and a meet-and-greet with Radhanath Swami. He signed copies of his book, The Journey Home, and spoke with guests until...
  10. Radhanath Swami is a Featured Speaker at Bent On Learning Gala Event

    In recognition of his work feeding slum children in Mumbai through the Midday Meal program, Radhanath Swami was invited as a featured speaker at the Bent on Learning annual Gala Event. Bent On Learning is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the physical fitness, cognitive, social and emotional skills of New York inner-city children by providing regular instruction in yoga and meditation through the public schools. Their 2010 gala fundraising event was held on Wednesday, April 28th at the Puck Building in Lower Manhattan. Hosted by Eddie Stern of Ashtanga Yoga...