Vrindavan Hospice

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Although modern medicine is making tremendous advancement in disease management, there are many cases that reach a state of incurability. Death is inevitable but arrives slowly and is accompanied by severe pain, discomfort and emotional crisis both for the patient and the family. Hospice is a facility for such end stage patients who do not need active medical intervention for cure.


Designed to provide care for people in the final stages of a terminal illness, the Bhaktivedanta Hospice enlists the sturdy yet comfortable aid of the holistic approach. The foremost objective is to address the pain, distress and fear encountered by an ailing individual.


Personalized services are the foundation upon which the premises are built. Skilled and capable medical care goes a long way in helping an individual close to death and limited by life. In this time of need, it is the ultimate goal to honor their decisions and choices, thus giving them the emotional and spiritual support they desire. Combined with trustworthy professional advice, the patient really feels that he or she is in safe hands.


Care and counseling addresses the family of patients as well. This type of care helps the patients’ family deal with important emotional and spiritual issues. Simply because in the end every moment spent together is a precious and infinite memory.


  • Qualified and proficient volunteers
  • Private suites with kitchen
  • Meditation room
  • Outdoor patio/roof garden.
  • Pharmacy and Laboratory Services
  • Grief Counseling
  • Physical and Occupational
  • Therapy Pain Management
  • Nutritional Advice


In addition, the hospice personnel (as well as volunteers) speak a variety of languages to help families of different ethnic groups and faiths.


In 2012-13 Bhaktivedanta Hospice conducted 1210 bereavement visits and 3929 home visits for terminally ill patients. Free home services are provided for patients and their families who are shattered – medically, emotionally, economically and spiritually. This help is extended irrespective of their religious faith.


“Ram kali was diagnosed with cancer of uterus and went to AIIMS, New Delhi, for treatment.  As her disease was advanced , she was first given chemotherapy and later palliative treatment. But to get treated she had to travel 130 kilometres by bus to New Delhi and wait in line for many hours.  She has now come in touch with the hospice team, and receives the treatment from the comfortable environment of her home.  The home care team visits her regularly free of charge.” – Dr. Avanish, Volunteer at Bhaktivedanta Hospice

I realized that my husband will not survive, but was touched by the physical, emotional and spiritual care given at the hospice. He left the world with a smile on his face. I truly thank Bhaktivedanta Hospice team for their selfless service. It has given us the strength to bear the loss.” –Wife of Gangaram, a patient who got admitted at the hospice