LNH Orphanage

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The year 1900 saw a severe plague ravage the city of Mumbai and parts of Gujarat state claiming innumerable lives. The wife of then Governor of Mumbai, Lady Northcote, with the help of some affluent businessmen started this orphanage to provide shelter to the children orphaned during the catastrophe.

The original trustees had a provision that the children be taught spiritual values, but over the years the standards and the facilities deteriorated.



The orphanage saw a spiritual revival in 1987 when Radhanath Swami was requested by the trustees to inspire its vision in the modern times. Radhanath Swami helped expand the services to cater to underprivileged children from the entire state of Maharashtra.

To provide children with more natural and spacious surroundings, the orphanage was shifted from Mumbai to a fifty acre farm with roomy and airy dormitories, classrooms, a large playground and a garden.



  • Boys attend state-run day schools
  • Tuition for academic studies and skills for speed reading, memorization, notes taking, study techniques are taught by experts.
  • Training in gardening, handicrafts, painting and in vocations for use in future.
  • Farm grown organic grains, vegetables and milk from local cows are part of their nutritious diet. Extra curricular activities include prayers, meditation, yoga, music and drama performances in community.
  • Daily sports including swimming, and physical training. Educational trips to historical places.
  • A weekly class for teaching spiritual values



The primary motto is to inculcate in children the spiritual learning and build up God’s Wisdom among the boarders and to nourish them emotionally and socially, to develop their inherent talents and guide them for a fulfilling future.