Gopal’s Fun School


Gopal Fun School is a weekend program for urban kids. Every parent has an earnest desire to give their child the best by fulfilling their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. GFS recognizes the importance of these priorities and equips the kids with life long skills and attitudes, which will enable them to make positive and outstanding contributions in all aspects of life.


Modern society has discovered that, beyond physical needs, human beings also have emotional and spiritual needs. Parents today are baffled and pained to see their children succumb to stress, depression, addiction, violence, delinquent behaviour and even suicide. Moreover, they often have little respect for their parents and elders, and hold traditional moral and spiritual values in disregard.

Studies confirm that a child bereft of spiritual training easily falls prey to bad habits. A spiritually guided child, on the other hand, is well equipped to counter harmful influences and confidently face the stresses and tensions of modern life.


Through a lively blend of art, stories, quiz, dramas, games, puppet and multimedia shows a child is exposed to spiritual culture and wisdom. The sessions include prayers, meditation and yoga. In its sweetest form, GFS imparts holistic education to children in development of their character and personality.

The workshops encourage the development of basic values and talents. A simple gesture of offering flowers to the altar, cultivates the value of giving and not withholding. It evolves in to a spirit of compassion and sharing, and a selfless concern for others.


“Teaching in GFS is done as a voluntary act of compassion, in a mood of love and service rather than with a passion to earn one’s daily bread and butter. The bonding between teachers and students is more parental than just mental.  Here the teacher, like a parent figure, is aware about the child’s propensities and helps the child dovetail them for their better future. Practice before you teach is the mantra for GFS teachers.” – Mrs. Mita Padia, Teacher at GFS

“Being at the guest reception desk, many parents who come to drop their kids for the classes, and they open up their hearts to me. One recurring guilt that parents express, is their remorse of climbing the corporate ladder at the cost of depriving their children of value education at home.

With the advent of GFS, they feel their children are now in secure hands and will be nurtured with a lot of love and devotion. They are also happy that GFS imparts this culture in a fun filled atmosphere which is further more acceptable for children to embrace it wholeheartedly.” Mrs. Shefali Doshi, Parent and Volunteer at GFS


  • Junior group: age 4
  • 9 yrs Senior group: age 10 &14 yrs