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  1. Chant 4 Change at Historic Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

    The article below, by Madhava Smullen, was originally published on the ISKCON News website.,5859/ Political pundits last weekend were calling the second presidential debate “the darkest and nastiest in modern history,” full of scandals, personal attacks and insults. And the ongoing drama may be what’s taking over the news lately. But not everyone, even in Washington, is being dragged down by it. On Saturday October 8th, thousands of people from different faiths and backgrounds gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for a “Chant 4 Change,” trying to...
  2. Three Book Launches for The Journey Within in Detroit

    Srila Prabhupada once observed that Detroit was the important center of the industrial revolution in the United States and he wished that the city would become an important center of the spiritual revolution in the United States, as well. The metro Detroit area was host to three special book launch events for The Journey Within and special talks by Radhanath Swami. Each talk was preceded by the serving of delicious vegetarian meals cooked with love by devotees at the Farmington ISKCON Temple, traditional Indian dance performances, beautiful kirtan led by Rupa Das,...
  3. Talk and book Signing at Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club

    On July 10th, 2016 a book launch and signing event for Radhanath Swami’s new book “The Journey Within” was held at the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club, in Santa Monica, California. The event was conceived and organized by Kumudini, a yoga teacher and friend of Radhanath Swami. It was a wonderful eclectic gathering of yogis, spiritual seekers, Hollywood entertainment industry, media, journalists, musicians, photographers, bhakti yoga practitioners, healers, and mega festival organizers. In all, over 400 people attended.  A surprise special guest, musician Trevor Hall, opened for Radhanath Swami, and kirtan was also played before and after the...

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