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  1. Govardhan Ecovillage Wins Spirit of Humanity Award

    On September 14, 2017 the Govardhan Ecovillage Won a Spirit of Humanity Award for their contribution in the field of Livelihood. The Spirit of Humanity awards recognize and reward exemplary contributions made towards the society in the fields of Child Care, Education, Health, Disability, Livelihood and Women’s Empowerment. Following a stringent 3-step evaluation process, spread over 6 months, the best-in-class NGOs were identified from each zone. As the winner from the west zone, Govardhan Ecovillage made it to the final round along with Harsha Trust(east), Don Bosco Tech Society(north), Sevalaya(south)....
  2. Reasons to Continue our Spiritual Practice

    There is a beautiful story in the Srimad Bhagavatam about Mahadev, Lord Shiva. Once upon a time when the devas and the asuras were churning the ocean of milk for nectar, massive quantities of poison came out. They were seeking nectar, but sometimes when we want nectar, first we have to remove all the poison. That’s kind of the way our sadhana is, our spiritual practice. The real nectar of prema, or love – love for God and love for all beings – is within us. Our spiritual practice is...
  3. On Gossip

    People like to hear about other people’s problems. It’s fun for some. That’s the reason why some of the most popular magazines in the world just focus on scandals. Recently, a champion golfer got into some scandal. It’s like a rule in this world—that such news must be known to everyone, that such news must be the event on every television and news channel. That scandal was all that the people were talking about, for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. Ironically, nobody cared that much when he won a golf game. But when he...

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all-day Bhakti Yoga Retreat @ Bahamas
Bhakti Yoga Retreat @ Bahamas
May 17 – May 21 all-day
Listening to the stories of the Lord, thinking on Him day and night are both sure remedies for the misery called the cycle of birth and death.” —Srimad Bhagavatam Immerse yourself in Bhakti, the yoga of devotion, with Radhanath Swami as he brings to life ancient Hindu stories. These stories are designed to evoke Divine love and endless devotion in our hearts, leading the way to true peace and happiness. Talks will be accompanied by devotional chanting with Gaura Vani. Offered as 4 satsangs and 4 afternoon workshops. More details at
all-day Heart of Yoga Retreat @ Long Island, NY
Heart of Yoga Retreat @ Long Island, NY
Jun 1 – Jun 3 all-day
HH Radhanath Swami will take part in a retreat at EverVeda Ayurvedic Center in Oyster Bay on Long Island, NY. Key highlights include: Inspirational workshops with leaders in the bhakti community World-class Yoga Rockin’ Kirtan Homemade Vegan (mostly gluten free) prasadam Evening fireside satsang Morning program (japa, mangala aarti, Bhagavatam) Nature walks Improv workshops Healing bowl sessions For registration, cost and other details, please visit

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