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  1. Can You be Spiritual Without Being Religious?

    Question: Is it necessary to equate spirituality with religion? Do you think people can be spiritual, having values, but not be religious at all? Radhanath Swami: It depends on our definition of spirituality and religion. Values are required to be genuine in any spiritual or religious path. In the yoga system there are yamas and niyamas which are based on our values, on our ethics, on our morality, because we can’t truly build our spiritual experience unless we have those values. When we see a religion or spiritual path without...
  2. Inauguration Festival at ISKCON Farmington Hills

      On the weekend of April 20th, 2018, Radhanath Swami joined the devotees of ISKCON Farmington Hills, Michigan, and other guests, as together they inaugurated their new temple and installed the beautiful deity forms of Radha and Krishna (Sri Sri Radha Gopijan Vallab). The festival was filled with unforgettable moments that will treasured by all who attended.   On Friday, Radhanath Swami participated in the installation of Srila Prabhupada’s murti with other god brothers and sisters and attended the first arati as Virabadra Ram Das, visiting Executive Director of New York’s Bhakti Center, led...
  3. Three Planes of Consciousness

    Essentially there are three planes of consciousness:  enjoyment, renunciation, and devotion. 1. Enjoyment In order to survive, the environment is geared towards exploitation. Why? Because of selfishness. We put ourselves in the center and this results in conflict as everyone has a different center. 2. Renunciation It is taught that there can be no peace in this material existence because everything is temporary and there is so much conflict. To renounce everything and have a deep dreamless sleep – no more pain and suffering, everything is just peaceful! Yet death...

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