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  1. On Greed

      Wherever we see the greed for wealth, gold, power, prestige, name or fame – consequently we see a rise in hate, envy, fighting and war. Greed is a source of misery because it never gets satisfied. Its demand increases more and more, despite of our efforts to pacify it. It is compared to feeding a blazing fire, no matter how much amount of fuel you put in, the fuel gets consumed in seconds. It always ends in dissatisfaction. The harder you try to satisfy this enemy of greed, the...
  2. To Be an Instrument of Divinity

    One of my dearest godsisters, who was like a mother to me, was on her deathbed in London. I left from Mumbai to go visit her. By God’s grace I happened to come just the day before she passed away.  She was a very independent, active, dynamic lady who loved to get things done and who was always caring about people, and now she was with cancer, paralyzed, crippled and emaciated. Her husband had to bathe and clean her because she couldn’t even move. Yet, she said with a smile, “Even...
  3. The Spiritual Principle

    It is described that the mercy of Krishna is like the Sun. The Sun does not discriminate, whether you are from this family or that family, this nationality or that nationality. The Sun rises for our benefit, giving itself to everyone. But if you hide in a cave that is your own misfortune. And those representing the Lord, they are like mirrors of the Sun of Krishna’s mercy. They are reflecting the divine mercy of the Lord in all directions to anyone who is simply accepting it. And what is...

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