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  1. Sri Krishna Janmastami

    When Krishna comes to this world, even if this world is so full of dualities, selfishness, arrogance and exploitation… when Krishna comes it is completely pure. Just by remembering Him, by chanting his names and connecting with Krishna, in every way we become purified. There is beautiful analogy; when the full moon shines, and it’s beams touch the blue lotus flower, the lotus opens. And according to Sanskrit poetry there is nothing more beautiful in creation than a fully blossomed blue lotus flower. It only opens when it is touched...
  2. Russell Simmons & Radhanath Swami Speaks on Compassion

    On June 26, 2017 Radhanath Swami was invited to speak with Russell Simmons on the topic of compassion at the Tantris Center for Yogic Science on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. The talk was hosted by Kumi Yogini, yoga instructor and owner of Veda Yoga studio in Culver City. Russell Simmons is the Chairman and CEO of Rush Communications and cofounder of the hip-hop music label Def Jam Recordings. He is also an avid yoga practitioner and an advocate of  veganism and animal rights. He founded the Tantris Center to help bring the wisdom and practices...
  3. Mindful Leadership – Radhanath Swami Speaks at the Bank of England

    If you met someone in the heart of London’s financial district and told them a monk was speaking at the ‘Old Lady’ of Threadneedle Street, they would likely be in disbelief. Although he hasn’t had a bank account or signed a check since 1969, and to the humour of the hundreds that attended when he admitted that, Radhanath Swami spoke at the Bank of England on Wednesday 22nd March 2017. Founded in 1694,the Bank of England is a public institution responsible for maintaining the monetary and financial stability of the United...

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