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  1. How to Connect to the Divine?

    Question: It is said that God is present everywhere. But I don’t perceive his presence anywhere. Can you explain? Radhanath Swami: To connect to the Divine presence of God within ourselves and within everything that exists cannot be done with our senses, no matter what microscopes or telescopes we use, no matter how many degrees we have or how many books we memorize. Our sciences may be very helpful in dealing with the temporary problems of this material world, but to actually connect to the Divine—according to all of the...
  2. The Great Gift of Chanting the Holy Names

    Illusion is to see things separate from God. So to see the sacredness in everything is to realize or understand that everything has a relationship with God. Illusion is when we don’t see anythings eternal connection to its divine source. So when we understand our eternal nature and everything is connected and emanating from God, then we can actually see things in truth. Misconception of appearances due to illusion is the cause of so much suffering and conflict. The knowledge of the relationship between the soul and God, soul and...
  3. Radhanath Swami Speaks at Kirtan London

    On 18th March 2017, Radhanath Swami spoke to the metropolitan crowd of 140 people at the breath-taking Kirtan London day retreat at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Started five years ago by a small team and launched with Russell Brand and Radhanath Swami himself, Kirtan London has grown into an attractive movement to spread mantra, music and meditation. Jahnavi Harrison, one of the founders of the project, said “the aim of the initiative is to take kirtan to everyone! We want to take kirtan to people who typically wouldn’t come across it.” Since...
6:30 pm Living With Compassion @ Denver, CO
Living With Compassion @ Denver, CO
Jun 28 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Living With Compassion @ Denver, CO | Denver | Colorado | United States
HH Radhanath Swami will deliver a talk at Vital Center For Mind Body Health in Denver, Colorado. Please see flyer below for details:
6:30 pm Lecture & Kirtan @ Hare Krishna Temple Denver, CO
Lecture & Kirtan @ Hare Krishna Temple Denver, CO
Jun 30 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
HH Radhanath Swami will deliver a lecture and lead Kirtan at ISKCON Denver, CO.

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