The Harper Collins publication of Radhanath Swami’s latest book The Journey Within was launched in Mumbai on 18 January 2018 at the Shanmukhananda Auditorium. Over 1500 eminent personalities of the city were present for the occasion. Among them were Bollywood producer Smita Thackeray, athlete Kranti Salvi, Hungarian Consul-General Norbert Revai-Bere, Mauritius Consul-General Bineshwaree Napaul, and television personality Nitesh Bharadwaj.

In The Journey Within Radhanath Swami shares personal and thought-provoking stories from his decades of experience as a teacher in the Bhakti-yoga tradition. Speaking at the book launch, the Swami said, “Through all of the twists and turns that took place in my life, I discovered a truth that has transformed the way I see the whole world: all of our countless desires, insatiable longings, fleeting gratifications, and inevitable anxieties arise from one origin that we have forgotten – the love that is dormant within our own heart. Discovering that love brings us true fulfillment, and empowers us to truly be instruments of change in this world. Bhakti-yoga is a path that specifically awakens that spiritual potential of love that’s within us.”