On December 31st, 2017 Radhanath Swami spoke on ‘A scientific Case Study of Spiritual and Religious Faith’ at Techfest, the annual science and technology festival hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. Techfest is Asia’s largest tech festival with an attendance of approximately 160,000. Over 3000 colleges from around the world participate.

Radhanath Swami emphasized the need of spirituality to engineer our inner selves. “When people neglect this inner cultivation, there is every danger of destructive use of science and technology.”

“He left the packed audience completely inspired and touched with his presentation. It was absolutely grounded in his personal experiences and his profound journey of self-discovery,” said Professor Ganesh Ramakrishnan of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay. “He inspired me to start thinking on a level deeper than I usually do,” remarked Varun Nagandla, who is doing his bachelors degree at the Premier Institute.

Other speakers at the event included prominent names from the fields of science, technology, industry and politics, such as Randy Schekman, Nobel Prize recipient in physiology; Marlene Kanga, president of WFEO, UNESCO; Manohar Parrikar, chief minister of Goa; Tanmay Bhakshi, youngest IBM Watson developer; and Sophia, the humanoid robot.