When Krishna comes to this world, even if this world is so full of dualities, selfishness, arrogance and exploitation… when Krishna comes it is completely pure. Just by remembering Him, by chanting his names and connecting with Krishna, in every way we become purified.

There is beautiful analogy; when the full moon shines, and it’s beams touch the blue lotus flower, the lotus opens. And according to Sanskrit poetry there is nothing more beautiful in creation than a fully blossomed blue lotus flower. It only opens when it is touched by the moon beam of a full moon at night. Otherwise it is tightly shut – you can’t open it and it gives no fragrance. But when it is touched by the moon beams it unfolds and blossoms and emits a beautiful fragrance.

Similarly, the lotus of prema or love is actually within our hearts – everyone of us. When the moon beams of grace touch the lotus of our hearts it blossoms. And when it blossoms it is the most beautiful thing in all creation, that love. And that fragrance and sweetness of that love naturally spreads everywhere. That is the effect, by the grace of Krishna.

Krishna descends into this world simply to attract our hearts to receive that grace. – Radhanath Swami