radhanath swamiIllusion is to see things separate from God. So to see the sacredness in everything is to realize or understand that everything has a relationship with God. Illusion is when we don’t see anythings eternal connection to its divine source.

So when we understand our eternal nature and everything is connected and emanating from God, then we can actually see things in truth. Misconception of appearances due to illusion is the cause of so much suffering and conflict. The knowledge of the relationship between the soul and God, soul and the entire creation and soul with all other souls both in the conditioned and liberated state, is inherit within all of us. Yet is temporarily covered by the mind. When the mind is affected by the ego it comes under the direction of the body and the senses. Yet the mind is meant to be under the direction of the soul.

Everyone is seeking pleasure because it is our nature to experience the pleasure of love of God. It is within us, it is our nature and it is who we have always been. But in the dream like state the ego makes us forget our spiritual nature and think we are all this body so then we have to find pleasure in that forgetful state and look for it through the interaction between the senses and their objects.

The soul is supposed to be in charge but in the conditioned state we have lost connection to the real desires of the soul. Yet the paramatma in the heart is there, who is giving us direction, but when we forget our relationship with paramatma due to being subservient to the dictations of the mind and senses, we are lost. But guru, sadhu and sastra are the external manifestations of this paramatma and telling us the needs of the soul.

The mind when it is actually in tune with our spiritual essence is the source of the greatest happiness and liberation. There is only one enemy – not people or things, but one’s own uncontrolled mind. Its like a thief that steals away our treasures.

So all the problems we have are because of this mind’s association with the ego. Illusion promises us something very pleasing and pleasurable that will relieve us of all pain, but just beneath the surface of what we see are things to cause us suffering – the three fold miseries are always there. But there is another ocean, Krishna, who is an ocean of compassion and kindness and if we dive into ocean we actually find the relief and the pleasures we have been looking for.

He has appeared within the sound of the holy names which cleanses the mind and brings it to its pure state where it becomes in harmony with the eternal blissful loving nature of the soul – that is the perfection of yoga. When the mind is no longer being dictated by selfish egoistic needs but in harmony with eternal compassionate loving nature of the soul.

The mind and the intelligence are beautiful, the body is a holy temple and the senses are incredible instruments for divine seva. Transforming material energy into spiritual energy, it doesn’t mean to destroy it but to transform it to its true essense, our real potential. Chanting God’s names is meant for that, it has that power.

The way to control the mind is to engage the mind in the loving service of the Lord. Govinda Das is praying to his own mind, ‘My dear mind, please engage yourself in the loving service of Sri Nandanandana, then you will be free of all fear forever. Fear of death, heartbreak of all the numerous uncertainties of this world. That fear is due to a lack of inner fulfillment. When you have a foundation of deep spiritual fulfillment there is nothing to fear because nothing can move you. Whatever may happen we know the soul and one’s relationship with God is indestructible. Whether I am serving here or in the spiritual world, in this body or another body, service is always here. Love can never be destroyed. This is the great gift of chanting the holy names. – Radhanath Swami