radhanath swamiLord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda descended into this world to teach us that the power of illusion is inconceivable, but by the grace of the Lord we can overcome all obstacles. The three modes are impossible to cross over but one who takes shelter of Krishna can easily cross beyond it. How is that? When we take shelter of the Lord we attract the grace of the Lord. The path of Bhakti is to access that grace. By our desire to serve and please the Lord, our humility and devotion, and by living a very moral and proper life, living with integrity, dignity, humility and with devotion we cleanse our heart through the path of bhakti.

In this world there are so many frequencies that affect our consciousness. Television these days may have a 100 channels. According to what you tune into will you access that particular frequency. Thats the way the world works. We are just like antennas. Everything you say, feel and do is emitting a certain energy and frequency. When we tune into lust its going to access us and its going to fill us. You just focus on something thats creating that lust and that energy is going to go right into your consciousness.

Spiritual life is about tuning into transcendental frequencies. Some tune into mystical powers or liberation. But bhakti means to tune into grace – to Krishna’s grace which is all pervading. When we do so it cleanses our heart of all of this lust, envy, greed, anger and illusion. There is nothing else but grace that can awaken the dormant love of God that is within our hearts.

There is no amount of tapasya or learning or charity that can gain devotional service. It only comes by grace. Srila Prabhupada said, if one chants the names of the Lord in a sincerely,  without any ulterior motives, and practices bhakti in that spirit, we can tune into that grace. Kirtan is the collective of all of us tuning in together to the all powerful love of Krishna by chanting the Maha-mantra and invoking that grace. – Radhanath Swami