radhanath swamiThe difference between material and spiritual life is our perception. How we see the reality around us. According to our conditionings, the species of life we are in, the various designations we have identified with, our desires and our ego, everything is being filtered and creates a perception.

A simple analogy. If you wear rose colored glasses everything looks rosy. So we, the soul, are perceiving life through the ego, then the intelligence, then the mind and the five senses. So what is real? Spiritual life is not about interpreting reality according to our different conceptions and conditionings. Real spiritual life is about waking up to the internal underlying substance of truth that is within everything.

So how to go from illusion to reality? Be quite convinced of our present condition and the inaccuracies of what the world is so strongly generating today. When the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch. Therefore, the realizations from other conditioned souls are based upon an ascending form trying to figure things out. But ahoksaja means revealed knowledge, evidence that is revealed from God, descending down.

When you buy a complicated piece of machinery there is an owner’s manual from the manufacturer, as they know how it works and what it is for. The manuals for this world are called the Vedas or holy scriptures that have been revealed throughout the ages in different places at different times according to the capacity of people to digest. But the truth is the same.

Therefore, if you want to look for real substance, meaning and truth in life, then you have to come out from amongst men and be separate as the scriptures say. So anyone who sincerely and honestly questions their existence and leaves behind all their preconceived indoctrinations could easily understand I am not this body but the consciousness, the life force within this body seeing through the eyes, tasting through the tongue and loving through the heart.

This world is a place to cultivate life’s perfection rather than forget it. Our eternal nature is to serve God and in that nature we realize God’s love which is the essential aspiration of every living being – to find the pleasure of perfect love. Its why people murder, steal, drink and get intoxicated with drugs, gamble, watch TV and go to the movies, give charity to others, get married and have children or look into religion. If you examine every motivation that every human being has, its for the desire for pleasure or the reaction to the frustration of not getting pleasure. Yet there is only one pleasure that can truly satisfy the heart and that is pleasure of love. If you have everything else but you don’t have people who love you and you don’t have people you love, your life is miserable and lonely and empty.

So this is reality and why do we all have that in common? Because our nature is to love God and are seeking that love in everything and anything at all times and that love is within our own hearts. So reality is on the spiritual platform – to see everything in relationship to the truth in relation to God. This realization can be easily understood and realized through the same process we have been conditioned to forget the truth – by our association.

So we need to transform our conditioned habits to spiritual habits and the most powerful way is to chant the names of God. The names can reveal our true identity and uncover the blissful life that is buried within our hearts. So go deep into the contemplation of what you really want in life. Don’t be exploited by the jargon and propaganda of the illusions of this world. Search for light, truth and and real love. – Radhanath Swami