Rise brings its users short bursts of wake-up wisdom from the comfort of their phones. It has simple, uncomplicated spiritual tools specific for everyone’s needs. If you’re stressed, search through the videos on stress. If you’re looking for advice on relationships, search through the videos on relationships. And if you’re looking to realize your inner self, the app may even have something for that too. It’s a practical, accessible approach to spirituality created for the modern world, which is why it all fits into everyone’s mobile.

Rise was inspired by Radhanath Swami, a lifelong monk in the bhakti tradition and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Journey Within – Exploring the Path of Bhakti. With a wealth of experience on mindfulness meditation, relationships, happiness and wellbeing, his daily doses of inspiration are just what many people need to start the day right. Users can tailor content based on topic, save their favorites for easy navigation and read the video summaries for a quick insight.

But that’s not all. In the next update, users will be able to learn from full-feature courses on motivation, leadership, kirtan and a host of other topics – created by Radhanath Swami and friends – all to help people demystify spirituality.

An integral part of Rise by Radhanath Swami is the philosophy. The app is completely free of charge. No in-app purchases or hidden costs; all their content is free. They simply run off the donations of the users. In fact, running costs aside, any profit made goes towards charitable projects founded by Radhanath Swami or those close to his heart. (The following article by Bala Nimai Das first appeared on the website http://iskconnews.org.)

Not just on your phone – for those using an iPad or tablet, download the new App free for daily inspiration wherever you go.

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Video of app on ipad