On July 10th, 2016 a book launch and signing event for Radhanath Swami’s new book “The Journey Within” was held at the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club, in Santa Monica, California. The event was conceived and organized by Kumudini, a yoga teacher and friend of Radhanath Swami. It was a wonderful eclectic gathering of yogis, spiritual seekers, Hollywood entertainment industry, media, journalists, musicians, photographers, bhakti yoga practitioners, healers, and mega festival organizers. In all, over 400 people attended.  A surprise special guest, musician Trevor Hall, opened for Radhanath Swami, and kirtan was also played before and after the lecture.

In his talk Radhanath Swami spoke of diversity, servitude and inner pleasure in a  profound yet humorous way, invoking feelings of introspection. The kirtan following his talk had all the guest chanting and dancing to the maha-mantra.

Devotees from the Laguna Beach and L.A. ISKCON temples assisted in the serve out of the sit-down dinner which was held in an exclusive area within the club, beautifully decorated with flowers.

During dinner, Radhanath Swami mingled with guests including Zach Leary, Stuart Sender, David Shapiro, Sridhar, Eric Levine, Philip Guston, Shyam Sundar, Narayan, Gary Liss, DJ Drez Selecta, Lu Parker, Dharma Shakti, Alex Artymiak & Alexandria Z Geringer, Govind Das, Gabriel Braun, Dhanajaya Prabhu & Bala Gopal Devi Dasi, Jaga Beca, Remuna Beca-Kitchen, Clytie Lane, Joni Yung & Bridgette Jackson-Buckley, Sheryl Utal and Jorgen Christianson, to name a few.

Felicia Marie Tomasko from the LA Yoga Magazine and Veda Yoga teacher trainees were very kind to offer their time and effort in spending hours to set up this gorgeous event. Books were sold throughout the program and personally signed by Radhanath Swami.