RNS.white-barOn the evening of Saturday, May 21, 2016 Radhanath Swami was invited to speak on his new book The Journey Within at an event co-sponsored by ISKCON, the Call and Response Foundation, and other local yoga and faith based organizations in Houston. The event was held at Unity of Houston and attended 800 people.

The Master of Ceremony, Emmy Award winning news person Ms. Patricia Gras, introduced specials guests Dr Helen Rose Ebaugh (Religious Studies at the University of Houston), Rev. Greg Han (Houston Interfaith Ministries), Giriraj Swami (ISKCON), Mr Vijay Pallod (Hindus of Greater Houston) and Ms. Amy Hertz the editor who initially encouraged Radhanath Swami to write The Journey Within.

Vishvambar & Vrinda Devi Sheth (from the Mayapuris), along with long Houston based artists Anish and Bhagavan Pillai, inspired and entertained the audience with kirtan, music and dance.

Dr Ebaugh started with an introduction of Radhanath Swami that touched on his first book The Journey Home. A short film on Radhanath Swami’s life and works followed. Radhanath Swami then spoke on the encouragement and inspiration he received to write The Journey Within and shared with the audience some insights on the topics within the book.

Amy Hertz and Giriraj Swami addressed the audience after Radhanath Swami’s talk, sharing personal stories of their experiences in encouraging and helping Radhanath Swami write The Journey Within. This was followed by another kirtan which got the audience up and dancing. The Honorable Reverend Greg Han closed the evening with an inspiring note of thanks to Radhanath Swami for visiting Houston and encouraged the audience to continue on the path of interfaith dialog and finding common ground.

“It was truly a coming together of a Houston community inspired by common purpose”, said Nisha Vanodia one of the event organizers. Following the event a free vegetarian dinner was served, compliments of ISKCON’s new restaurant in Houston, Govinda’s.