radhanath swami
RNS.white-barOn the 18th of May, 2016 Radhanath Swami was invited to speak at the Hewlett Packard (HP) Campus in Houston, Texas on the subject “The Power of Positive Attitude”. The event was hosted by Venkatesh Yarraguntla, the director of Hewlett Packard Conscious Living Club and was supported by Toastmasters Club, IndusHP (HP Indian association), HP Chinese association, HP’s Black Employee Network and HP’s Young Employee Network. Aproximately 350 people attended the talk including Chris Parsons (Vice President of Americas Supply Chain), and Kent Biggs (a distinguished technologist and the evenings emcee).

After Chris Parsons began the evening by explaining about HP’s vision, Radhanath Swami expressed his gratitude to be with all the employees. In his talk, Radhanath Swami quoted Winston Churchill’s definition of success, which is to go through failure after failure after failure and not to give up enthusiasm. He cited example of Thomas Edison and how he failed several hundred times in his experiments. When asked if he was getting discouraged he replied “No, No, every time I fail, I become more encouraged, because I know one more way my experiment doesn’t work, and that means I am closer to understand how it does work!”  

Radhanath Swami emphasized that if we are looking for reasons to complain and be disturbed, we will find limitless ways to do so, and if we are looking for how we can improve in all situations, we can find them too, because they are always there.

He then quoted Bhagavad Gita dehino smin yaha dehe, kaumaram yauvanam jara – our body and mind are always changing whereas we, the soul doesn’t. “Happiness cannot be circumstantial, it is a state of mind”. He emphasized importance of maintaining a strong spiritual foundation in our lives just as the redwood trees in California support each other during storms with strong intertwined roots. “Challenges will come in our life, but we all have capacity to rise above them and grow.” 

After the talk, Radhanath Swami signed his copies of his new book The Journey Within and Venkatesh Yarraguntla presented a gift to Radhanath Swami as token of appreciation for accepting the invitation.