On the surface of the river are so many waves, and these waves are constantly changing. Some are swirling, some are foaming, some are crashing against each other. And no wave lasts for more than a few seconds. It’s the same water. The same water turns in to another form of wave, and another form of wave – waves are always in a turbulent situation. But if you go deeper, there is a constant current below the waves that is steady and peaceful.

Similarly, situations come to us in the different phases of our life. Everything is just like the waves of our lifetime. Sometimes we are young and healthy, sometimes we are old and diseased, sometimes we have cancer, sometimes we are winning athletic events, sometimes people love us and sometimes people hate us. It is all just superficial, on the surface – waves of time.

But if we go deeper we can understand, “I am the eternal soul, I am part of God” and we can make that connection between our own consciousness and the soul, we make the connection between the soul and God. That is constant. 

For the soul there is no birth, no death. All of these superficial changes that happen on the surface of life have nothing to do with the soul, a current of truth. But very few people want to go deeper than the superficial appearance of existence.

On the superficial surface level of the waves sometimes things are really flowing as you like, but other times there is so much disruption. The purpose of that disruption is to break us from the complacency of being satisfied on the surface; to give us the sense of the real need to dive deeper into the constant current of truth. – Radhanath Swami