radhanath swami


Radhanath Swami visited Rutgers University on April 28th, 2016 to participate in the award winning event Sacred Sounds, a dynamic program of kirtan and talks on bhakti-yoga. Since it’s inception in 2009 Sacred Sounds has been a movement bringing together a group of students working towards the goal of producing an unforgettable evening of spiritual energy. This year’s event was another grand success as Radhanath Swami, along with the kirtan group  The Juggernauts, moved a group of four hundred students to dance ecstatically with their arms raised in the air, crying out the sweet names of the divine.

The students are attracted to Sacred Sounds for a variety of reasons including the delicious vegan meal, the dancing, the talk, and the melodious bhajans and songs. Some have experienced kirtan in their asana practice in yoga studios, or have enjoyed kirtan at the Rutgers Bhakti Club’s weekly meetings. Sacred Sounds gives them a taste of Bhakti on a large scale that they’ve never experienced before.

Radhanath Swami captured the hearts of the students seeking for a higher taste and purpose in their lives. His talk touched on the topics of fearlessness, forgiveness, and love. As he spoke, animating his talk with gestures, sounds and humorous anecdotes, so many of the students’ hearts were enraptured by his presence and his message.

By the end of the talk and kirtan, Rutgers yoga practitioners, faculty and students from all walks of life wanted to know more about Radhanath Swami, his message of bhakti and his formula for peace. To address this, the Bhakti Club featured a “Meet the Monk” table where students were able to ask him personal questions and spiritual enquiries. For hundreds of Rutgers students, it was an evening that they will never forget.