radhanath swami

Fear is the most prominent human quality. Its either behind the scenes or very much in front motivating people in so many ways. Fear of disappointment, failure, disease, death, poverty – and the more you have the more you have to fear losing. But if we just pray to our mind to take shelter of Krishna, this beautiful cowherd boy who charms us into the realm of love beyond the temporary conditions of this world, then we become fearless.

When we recognize the beauty of God and love God, then we actually see that loving beautiful hand behind every situation. And that doesn’t make us hard hearted, it makes us very soft hearted on every level – body, mind and soul. It equips us to serve people in the highest most comprehensive way. Not only to resolve the suffering of the physical and mental state, but to help people to resolve suffering forever, so that they can see through the lens of truth that the soul is eternal and nothing can destroy it.

Even in this world, where there is danger at every step, our nature is to find complete shelter and complete happiness in remembering Krishna. In this age of Kali Yuga Krishna has made himself so available to everyone and anyone, whoever we are, by chanting the holy names. Krishna is non different from his name and He has given us complete love and shelter in his name. If we love God we will understand that even the fear will be an incentive to help us to love and to be instruments to help others to love.  – Radhanath Swami