radhanath swami

To the extent we develop broader and broader vision and appreciation of who our family is, to that extent we can actually experience the reality of who we are. Under the misconception we are material bodies only, we have a very small family. And even within those families there are so many things to disagree and fight about. The bodies are just temporary vehicles for the eternal soul.

On the spiritual platform we understand our relationship with Krishna. He is the father and mother of every living being and in that we see the animals, birds, trees, reptiles and all variety of human beings as our family. The association of devotees, sat-sanga, is there to inspire this realization of life and to take this precious understanding wherever we go and remember our connection to the divine, to Krishna.

The family of devotees is very intimate because we share that realization with each other and the world. That realization, beyond theory, is actually realized according to our enthusiasm to serve without material motivations or selfish ego. To the degree our service attitude is unconditional, to that degree we are liberated from the shackles of mundane limitations. It’s the only happiness. Happiness is when the love of our heart is awakened through unconditional service. – Radhanath Swami