radhanath swamiNexus, a 2-day national eco-conference, was held at Govardhan Eco Village on the weekend of October 31st, 2015. The objective was ‘to pool in ideas on integrated, sustainable and eco-ethical management of food, water, energy and waste, and to cast those ideas into working solutions.’ Twenty experts delivered their talks and over two hundred people participated in the conference.

Delivering the keynote address Radhanath Swami said, “On a deeper level, we are confronted not with the crisis of environment, but with the crisis of human spirit. Whatever we see in the ecology of the world very much corresponds to the ecology of people’s hearts. When we understand the science of clearing the heart of toxins, we can truly live in harmony with all living beings and with nature. The urgent requirement of the world is active, intelligent, determined compassion with commitment and care.”

Social activist and retired police officer Kiran Bedi recommended that short films be made on the activities at Govardhan Eco Village, and that a three month university course on eco-living be designed based on the practices at the Eco Village. Mrs. Bedi, a winner of Ramon Magsaysay Award, was the first woman to be appointed the United Nations civilian police adviser. Chairman of the Piramal Group, Mr. Ajay Piramal, spoke on social wellness and Swami Vigyananda, the founder and global chairman of World Hindu Foundation presented a Vedic perspective of environmentalism.

Founder of EFI (Environmentalist Foundation of India) Arun Krishnamoorthy, who won the Rolex Award for cleaning 17 lakes in India, shared his thoughts on collectively taking responsibilities for reviving natural water resources. A discussion on food was lead by renowned environmentalist Dr. Calude Alvares and the legendary organic farmer Sri Narayan Reddy. Also, managing director of the ERF (Ecoscience Research Foundation) Sultan Ahmed Ismail shared his ideas on vermicomposting, and how cow dung and cow urine can add value to the soil. Ismail is associated with the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India.