Radhanath SwamiOn August 19th, 2015, Radhanath Swami launched the book, ‘A Life Lived with Grace’ at Y.B. Chauhan Auditorium in Mumbai. The book, authored by Mini Chandran Kurian, is a biography of the late Sri Arvindbhai Mafatlal, a leading industrialist of the old business era of India and a prominent social activist who passed away in 2011.

Mr. Mafatlal was the chairman of Arvind Mafatlal Group. Under his leadership, the Mafatlals had grown to become one of the top three industrial houses of the country, the other two being the Tatas and the Birlas. He played a prominent role in the post-independence growth story of the nation. To achieve his social vision of improved quality of life for the underprivileged, Mafatlal worked closely with renowned Gandhian Manibhai Desai to set up the Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation (BAIF). BAIF used modern technology, and focused on research and development to improve the earning potential of tribal and landless population. Today, BAIF initiatives are benefiting over 4.4 million families in 16 states. Mafatlal was also a supporter of women’s empowerment. Under the guidance of his guru Parampujya Ranchoddasji Maharaj, Mafatlal launched the Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust in 1968. The trust carries out activities like health services in rural areas, and relief and rehabilitation at the time of major natural calamities.

Leading industrialists and social activists of India attended the book launch. After launching the book, Radhanath Swami spoke. “Arvindbhai was loved and he is still loved, because he loved everybody. He was blessed with the wealth of compassion. He liked to talk about his various development projects. Every single project was an expression of his devotion to his beloved Lord Ram. He genuinely felt that without a constant sense of the divine power, life became insubstantial and meaningless. Chitrakoot, the land of Sita and Ram, was the place he was most attached to, and it was fitting that he left his body there – minutes after he heard the last verses from the holy book of Ram Charit Manas.”