radhanath swamiOn April 8th, 2015, forty management students from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School, who are on a study tour in India, visited Radhanath Swami at Radha Gopinath Temple, Mumbai.

HKUST is an international research university with strong ties to global thought leaders and wide-ranging connections with Mainland China. It promotes interdisciplinary studies, dedicated to educating well-rounded students to acquire a strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking. Within the short span of two decades, HKUST has rapidly risen in the global academic arena and has become one of Asia’s top ranked Universities.

The group was led by Mr. S. K Mitra, Prof. Mitya and Michelle TO, Assistant Manager of Global Initiatives, MBA Programs.

In his address to the students Radhanath Swami said, “Why do so many millions of people from all parts of the world come to India for spiritual enlightenment? Because many are looking for universal principles of spirituality, and the heritage of India has a deep legacy in that spirit. Various religions flourished in this land because of the foundational universal principles of spirituality of this nation. It is called Sanatana Dharma, spiritual principles that help us to understand who we truly are, our true relationship with each other, with the environment, with God and with the world. These universal principles when understood deeply include all other true religions.” The talk was followed by thoughtful question and answer session.