i2On December 13th, 2014,  Radhanath Swami spoke at a program for over fifty of India’s leading industrialists on the terrace of the South Mumbai residence of Mr N.D. Desai the chairman of APAR group of industries.

The event was attended by chairman of Vedanta Group Mr. Anil Agarwal who, having recently pledged to give away 75% of his wealth in charity, is poised to be corporate India’s biggest donor. Also in attendance were Director of Bain Capital Shri Amit Chandra, who was awarded “Next Gen Leader in Philanthropy Award” by Forbes India in 2013, and filmmaker and writer Mr. Ram Subramanian, who is considered as one of the finest minds in Indian advertising. The list of guests also included Hital R. Meswani the Executive Director of Reliance Industries Limited, and Pratibha Pai the co-founder and director of Chirag Rural Development Foundation, a non-profit organization engaged in providing solar electrification and rural development.

Speaking on the topic ‘Purifying Our Desires & Ego’, Radhanath Swami said, “Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu taught us that the best purification is to awaken the dormant, eternal love for God that is within each of our hearts. And the most sublime method for reviving this love is by connecting to God through chanting of the holy names and by associating with spiritually minded people.”

He recalled an incident he witnessed on the shores of the ocean at Jagannath Puri where he saw a boatman struggle to take his small boat to the middle of the sea as relentless waves threw him back on the shore. The boatman’s persistence eventually paid off as he finally reached the deep sea where he sailed smoothly. Drawing parallels to this incident, Radhanath Swami explained how we are like that boatman. Initially in our spiritual pursuits, various temptations and distractions, motivated by greed, envy and lust threaten to throw us away from our goals, but if we persist with faith and determination, then eventually, like the boatman, we too would reach the deep sea of spiritual contentment, spiritual wisdom and love of God.