On Tuesday June 3, 2014 Radhanath Swami was the guest of honor at Earthwe Studios, Bergamot Art Gallery, in Santa Monica, California on the occasion of post- Shaktifest Decompression hosted by Eric and Joy Levine. About 50 people attended the program.  Academy Award winning actor, director and producer Forest Whitaker was also present at the event.

The evening’s program began with kirtan with Cooper Madison and  Madhumati Gaurangi of the Gandharvas Band, and C.C.White.
Radhanath Swami spoke about the importance of time, illustrating how each moment makes our life precious. He also gave a valuable lesson on how we could estimate our wealth by counting on things that we have that money cannot buy. He quoted from mother Teresa that the real problem in this world is hunger for love and he talked about the importance of living force within the body, the soul, and how to identify ourselves with that living force. Radhanath Swami also quoted from the Bhagavat Gita, as to how a truly learned person sees every living entity with equal vision. He explained how the environment is polluted due to pollution of the human mind with anger, greed and arrogance and said that if a persons mind is clean they will naturally start respecting Mother Nature and her resources. He also stressed on the point that real spirituality is not about changing our roles in society, but being an instrument of God’s grace.

Radhanath Swami concluded his talk with emphasis on the potency of kirtan or congregational chanting which brings everyone together in mind body and soul and then he lead a kirtan to conclude the evenings program.