On Saturday May, 31st, 2014 Radhanath Swami was the guest of Kumi Yogini (Kumudini) at Namm Yoga in Santa Monica California. 150 guests attended the talk. Kirtan singer CC White began the program with a soul stirring Maha Mantra kirtan followed by a heart-fealt introduction from Kumi.

Radhanath Swami spoke on the nature of the living being to seek pleasure. He narrated the story of Sindhutai, an Indian social worker popularly known as the Mother of Orphans. She has received over 250 awards at both national and international level. Even though Sindhutai’s early life was full of abuse and harassment, she lived on to become a shelter for thousands of people. She also forgave the very people who had abused her in her early life. Through Sindhutai’s life, Radhanath Swami illustrated the point of the power of giving and the happiness of forgiving and that irrespective of what we have gone through in life, we all have the capacity to share love. He concluded the talk by emphasizing the need for us to develop love for Krishna through bhakti-yoga for eternal pleasure.

To end the program Radhanath Swami led an ecstatic kirtan making the audience dance and sing. He taught the yoga pose for dancing which involved absorbing the mantra with folded hands and crying out for mercy with raised hands.