On the 10th of January’ 2014, Radhanath Swami addressed guests, doctors and the Directors of the Bhaktivedanta Hospital. He was attending the 16th Annual Day celebrations of the hospital, which was founded, and is presently managed, under his direct vision.

Radhanath Swami was accompanied by his dear friend Giriraj Swami, Dr. Ajay Sankhe, the Director of the hospital, and the Trustees Rishikesh Mafatlal, ND Desai, and Sanjeev Maheshwari.

Addressing over a fifteen hundred people, Radhanath Swami spoke of the need to constantly meditate on the purpose of the hospital; that is to offer compassion for the body, mind and souls of all human beings.

After the cultural programs that included a drama, the Director Dr. Sankhe spoke about the hospital’s new developments that include offering over a dozen new beds to provide free treatment for the poor. He quoted the former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who said about the hospital, “This is a place of righteousness”. He also narrated the experience of one Muslim person, who being overwhelmed with the care given by the hospital staff is sharing his appreciation of the hospital with all of the members of his community. Thus the hospital is helping bring unity amongst various religious groups. He explained that the hospital actually began in December 1970 when Radhanath Swami as a young spiritual seeker tried entering India and promised a Sikh border officer, “One day I will do something good for the people of your country”

Giriraj Swami recollected the initial days when the hospital was a small polyclinic and said the reason for the hospital’s popularity is the high integrity of the doctors; they always did their best, took nice care of patients, and offered a very reasonable charge. “The essence of this project is the mood of service; the patients continue to keep connection with the hospital because the service here is provided with love”