On the evening of July 19th Radhanath Swami met around two hundred enthusiastic readers of The Journey Home at Patidar Samaj Hall, Opera House, Mumbai.

The Journey Home Book Club helps inspired readers of the book to connect with the author, Radhanath Swami. All the participants were meeting the author for the first time and they confessed that the book has inspired them to further their spiritual quest.

After a short kirtan, Radhanath Swami addressed the attendees by sharing his realization that although the details in the book may be from his own personal story, the principle of the quest for fulfilment is everyone’s story. “We are all trying to find a home; home is where we are completely free, where we are comfortable, where we are with people we love and people who love us. That home is within the heart of every living being, and if we cannot find that home within our own hearts — in the soul’s relationship with God, and within that relationship, understanding our spiritual relationship with all beings — then we’ll never really feel at home anywhere. But if we find that home within our hearts, we can feel our home everywhere,”.

He also narrated humorous incidents from his life that happened after the era spoken about in the book. These events were related to his outreach programs in the U.S. and the challenges he faced in presenting the teachings of Bhakti Yoga in the American universities.

He concluded his talk by emphasizing how the universal principle of all spiritual paths is to render loving service to God and to all humanity that is uninterrupted by any situation – whether easy or difficult, resulting in honor or dishonor, etc. – and is free of any selfish or egoistic motivations.

“Service to God and humanity that is not disturbed by the inevitable changes of this world, and is motivated genuinely for God’s pleasure, and for the welfare of others, is the supreme goal of all genuine spiritual paths,” revealed Radhanath Swami. “And this is the beautiful gift that my guru Srila Prabhupada gave me. Through my life and The Journey Home, in whatever small way I can, I am trying to share this gift with the world.”

The program concluded with a question-and-answer session and a five-minute film on Radhanath Swami made by Saurabh Pandey, a Bollywood film actor and producer. Pandey shared, “Radhanath Swami has so many facets to his personality and in this film I have tried to capture all those facets.”