Earlier this week. Radhanath Swami was invited to address a group of over 100 young professionals at E & Y’s Global Headquarters in London. E & Y is the third largest multinational professional services firm in the world by aggregated revenue in 2012 and is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms.

Swami was asked to talk on the topic of ‘intuition’ – the ability to think without thinking; a concept popularized in Malcolm Gladwell’s 2006 international bestseller, Blink. Gladwell notes in his book that intuition is a natural phenomenon that can be difficult explain, but possible to train to be more effective.

“The world is a mirror of our own consciousness, wherein no two people see the same thing in the exact same way. The dust on the mirror of our mind, in the form of our particular attractions and aversions, causes us to see everything uniquely different.” These opening two lines set the context for a fascinating talk by Radhanath Swami in the heart of London

Sharing his perspective, Swami commented that a spiritual understanding of intuition is to connect to a spiritual reality that is higher than the influences affecting our vulnerable mind.

“Intuition is when we connect to an aspect of our own self that is a deeper reality than the changing thoughts of our mind and the perception of our senses. The Bhagavad-gita is based on this principle: we should aim to make decisions based on a higher reality. Our true potential is to reconnect with our spiritual essence. To be an instrument of God’s compassion in our occupation and in our relationships.”

Elaborating on the analogy of two dogs living within our hearts – the good dog and the bad dog, Swami noted, “When the bad dog of egoism, selfish passions and greed is howling, our decisions are going to be affected, but we may not know it. We may think we are making the right decision. Spirituality is the process of feeding the good dog of love, compassion and integrity by the choices we make moment after moment.”

Prashant Joshi, event organiser and Global Banking & Capital Markets Advisor at E & Y commented after the event, “We are grateful and honored to have had Radhanath Swami address our staff and clients in our Waterloo Global Head Office. I received many e-mails from those who attended saying how uniquely inspired they felt after hearing Radhanath Swami’s address. He impressed upon the audience the importance of making decisions based on a higher reality and listening to the “good side” within us all. By illustrating very dynamically through his own experiences and examples throughout history he reminded us of the importance of these higher values.”

Concluding the talk, and alluding to the large number of accountants and investment bankers in the audience, Swami urged, “We are all accountable for the actions we make in life. We should therefore invest in a strong foundation of morals and ethics to guide us in making the right decisions.”