Despite only two days to the end of term and looming coursework deadlines, approximately 150 students packed into a lecture theatre at Imperial College in London on Thursday 21st March to hear Radhanath Swami speak on the topic of “Engineering a Better World”.

Imperial College is regarded as one of the best engineering schools in the country and often ranked 3rd in the UK rankings after Oxford and Cambridge. This would be the first time a Swami was addressing students at this institution, and follows on from events held last October at both the Oxford and Cambridge Union.  The event was organised by the Chaplaincy Centre of Imperial College and Hindu Society based at the University.

Before addressing the students, Radhanath Swami met with Debra Humphries, Pro-rector of Education at Imperial, and Rev’d Andrew Willson, the College Chaplain.

Speaking to the students, Radhanath Swami stressed the importance for young people to ‘inner engineer’ their lives. “It is important that our education is based on values so that we can do good in the world.” He gave the often-cited example of a knife. “A knife in the hands of a thief is a dangerous weapon, but in the hands of a surgeon it can save someones life.” In the  same vein, he urged all the students to use the knowledge they gain whilst at University for creating a better world.

After event Radhanath Swami signed copies of The Journey Home and spoke individually with students over refreshments

Sachi Kishore, Hindu Chaplain for Imperial College commented, “It was a monumental occasion, after three years of working to develop the relationship between the Chaplaincy and students, this event signifies the culmination of all our efforts. Having Radhanath Swami present with us all was a great honor and inspiration.”

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