On the 13th October Radhanath Swami attended the first Kirtan London 6 Hour event. There was an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response, with close to 200 people filling the hall from start to finish. Fleet Street, named after London’s largest underground river, was a fitting location as the power of the divine name is often likened to an underground spring that feeds the wells of different faith traditions. The venue was also situated next door to the most ancient church in London — St Bride’s, a place of worship since the 7th century.

Some of London’s most loved kirtan leaders were in attendance including Jayadev Richardson with his rip-roaring mantra choir, Ananda Monet’s bhajan accompanied by classical Indian dance, The Harrisons – perhaps the only redheaded kirtan family in the world, and firefighter by day, kirtaniya by night, Madhva Anderson. At least 100 people agreed to take the 6 hour challenge, committing the time to go deeply into the practice of mantra meditation, and the dancing finale at the end was testament to the result. The pure and heartfelt chanting of Radhanath Swami, was special addition to the evening.

He chanted a melody from the sacred pilgrimage place of Vrindavan, and spoke a poetic meditation, stating that each of us are like a drop of rain from the sky. As the drop falls it is pure and clear, but as soon it touches the earth, it becomes mixed with the mud and loses its clarity. He explained that kirtan is a way of purifying and cleansing this mud away, so that we again realize our true spiritual nature in clear consciousness.