At a recent chance meeting in Mumbai Airport a seed was planted as popular London yoga teacher, Claire Missingham invited Radhanath Swami to speak at one of her yoga and meditation workshops. The fruit of their meeting was realized last week when Radhanath Swami accepted the invitation, speaking at the event “Journey of the Sadhaka” in Primrose Hill, London, on Sunday, July 29th.

Attendees practiced yoga accompanied by the live music of world-renowned composer/producer, Nitin Sawhney. At the close of the workshop, Radhanath Swami was invited to share some excerpts from his book “The Journey Home”. He spoke on the true meaning of home, stating that unless we understand that real happiness, real peace and the truest sense of home are within us, we will never be satisfied. He described the experience of seeing a hawk snatching a fish from the surface of a river, and the understanding that it gave him. “We must swim deeply in the waters of life if we are to remain undisturbed by the circling hawks of circumstance. On the path of Bhakti Yoga this depth comes from a sincere desire to love and serve God, which automatically creates an unending compassion for all beings.”

Most present were hearing Radhanath Swami for the first time, and many expressed a desire to hear more, and learn about the whole story of his journey to a life of Bhakti Yoga.

Claire Missingham described her airport meeting with Radhanath Swami as fortuitous, explaining that they had only spoken initially because her three year old daughter had insisted on asking the man “why he has orange clothes!” She added that despite knowing him for such a short time, she is deeply touched to consider him a true friend and guide.