The recent release in Russia of The Journey Home has been well received in a country that has a long history of interest in Indian spirituality. On the 20th of March Radhanath Swami arrived in Moscow and on same day gave two interviews. The first, to the Moscow-based daily newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets, one of Russia two largest newspapers, with a circulation approaching one million. The second interview was given at the popular radio station Echo of Moscow which features news and talk shows focusing on social and political issues. A wide range of questions were asked – about Maharaj’s family, about trials on his path,and about God. Particularly, one of the questions asked to Swami was: “Do you think that atheists can be moral people?” He answered “A materialist may respect life, be a very honest and generous person, and may live in accordance with high moral values. Spirituality means upgrading morality to another level, and the spiritual practice is a way of becoming an instrument of God’s love in this world”.

The following day Radhanath Swami was interviewed  for the Russian Yoga Journal as well as making an appearance on the television Channel Dozhd (Rain). Throughout the program the interviewer persisted with a line of questioning: “What for? Why” What is spiritual life for? Why love God? Why be humble and good?” Swami answered the questions one by one saying that “Each and every one of us is a spiritual soul whose nature is to love God, which is the primary life necessity of every living being. And if we see the world not through the prism of our false ego and our desire to enjoy, but through the desire to serve God and other people, we will become happy.” The shows director mentioned that so many calls were received during the program that they weren’t able to answer all of them.