On October 10th, Radhanath Swami addressed students at the University of Cambridge in England. Speaking on the topic of “Our World: Time for a Positive Change?”, he addressed the need for a spiritual re-awakening in the world based on principles of love and compassion. The event was held at Gonville and Caius College, one of the oldest colleges in Cambridge and hosted by The Bhumi Project in partnership with the Hindu Cultural Society, International Development Society and Krishna Consciousness Society.

Highlighting the need for personal transformation in order to effect the greatest change in the world, Radhanath Swami quoted Martin Luther King, “the greatest irony of our times, is that we have guided missiles, but misguided men.”

Speaking of the many social and welfare initiatives he has established in India, Swami emphasised the greatest problem in the world is a hunger of the heart. He explained that within all spheres of life one must develop a strong foundation of compassion and humility to really help others.

Richard Ewers, Co-President of the International Development Society commented, “He brought a perspective to development work that is rarely, if ever, discussed. I was very impressed; he spoke about values and principles that are much needed in the world today”.

Before the lecture, Radhanath Swami was given a tour of the University and given the chance to meet some of it’s students. “This is one of the greatest educational institutions in the world. It is my great honor to be here; the students of this University have the potential to make a great difference in the lives of so many people and help address many of the issues we face.”

Following the lecture, His Holiness signed copies of his autobiography, “The Journey Home”.

Nikhila Ravi, President of the Hindu Cultural Society noted, “It was a great honor to host such a genuine spiritual teacher and leader. Our members were touched by his words and we hope to invite him again soon to Cambridge.”